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Illustrator and content creator
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I am an artist available for commissioning, projects, and job opportunities.

I also have a Patreon open for subscription-based monetary support with rewards given including both early and exclusive access to different projects and creations. Ko-fi and Paypal are open for one-off donations if you like my work.

Art is not just an innate talent, it is an expression and form of communication.

Just as you may learn from me, I may learn from you! We are all in this together on this art journey. I hope you will support me on this endeavor!
Helping others...

I support charities and non-profits (Bail funds, BLM, ACLU, RAICES, The Dreaming Zebra Foundation, A Place Called Home) by giving rewards to those who donate and give me proof

Spread Love & Art

It’s because of my experiences that I know how tumultuous and stressful things can be with so many hardships. I know how important equal opportunities are and how there should be affordable education, finding a way to express oneself, rights for immigrants & refugees, and the necessity of safety & stability. It is because of this that I support these different charities that align with these values!

Donate to any these charities or Non-Profits now, show proof of your donation, and you’ll be liable in receiving a full icon commission or a discount for any applicable product or service*.  

Donate $25+ for an icon of a character head bust, Donate $40+ for an icon of a character bust shot


A few of the available products and freebies in the shop!


Here are some samples of my writing, there will be more added soon enough!

incense, indian, aromatic


I had everything anyone could ever want. What decorated my halls’...

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