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I am an artist available for commissioning, projects, and job opportunities.

I have an instagram, twitter, and youtube channel for showing my artistic inclinations and what I do.

I also have a Patreon open for subscription-based monetary support with rewards given including both early and exclusive access to different projects and creations I make benefiting both the art appreciator and the learning artist. I also have a Ko-fi and Paypal open for donations for one-off donations if you like my work.

There is one thing that I encapsulate as a message:
Art is not just an innate talent, it is an expression and form of communication.

You should not need to be rich, be “talented from the womb”, or have started early to make art and improve. Art can be for everyone. Art is a part of being human.

I want to make learning art easier and more attainable by making the process easier and delineating my own discoveries and implementations, with most of my "teaching" (tips, trick, tutorials, etc.) content available free or at an affordable price. It's a work in progress.

Just like with anything, I too, am still learning how to do things.

Just as you may learn from me, I may learn from you! We are all in this together on this art journey. I hope you will support me on this endeavor!

Helping others...

I support charities and non-profits (ACLU, RAICES, The Dreaming Zebra Foundation, A Place Called Home) by giving rewards to those who donate and give me proof

Spread Love & Art

I, too, had immigrated to the united states as a brown latino kid, my mom believing with good intentions that I would have more opportunities there.
It’s because of my experiences that I know how tumultuous and stressful things can be with so many hardships. I know how important equal opportunities are and how there should be affordable education, finding a way to express oneself, rights for immigrants & refugees, and the necessity of safety & stability.
It is because of this that I support these different charities that align with these values! Donate to any these charities or Non-Profits now, show proof of your donation, and you’ll be liable in receiving a full icon commission or a discount for any applicable product or service*.
Donate $10 for an icon of a character head bust, Donate $25 for an icon of a character bust shot

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I'm Magnolia "Magz" Manzanilla, illustrator. This is an artistically inclined portfolio & blog website.


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