About Me

Magnolia Candy Manzanilla


A long-time avid artist and tech enthusiast born in Dominican Republic and partly raised in the United States. I’m a 22 year old freelance artist, that dabbles with Youtube content creation and social media.

I’m Magz (nickname), a black mestizo digital illustrator born in Dominican Republic.

I found confidence, direction, and my passions in art. With what I’ve learned and what I create, I plan to create my own projects and share what I know so that others can experience what’s great about it all.

Part of my life I was raised in the United States and had a very rocky childhood, but found solace in drawing. Since then, I’ve been non-stop in my pursuit of getting better and better.

Currently trying my best to improve every day and help those that I can!

  • Basics: Magz (alias), 22 years old, nonbinary Dominican artist.
  • Birthday: December 9th.
  • Pronouns: They/He.
  • Languages: English & Spanish. Studying Japanese.
  • Race/Ethnicity: Black Mestizo (Latino + West Indian).

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