How to start drawing

The beginning of a journey can be the most daunting when you don’t have any directions. Start drawing, but also keep these tips in mind!

Art study tips: Shapes

How to use the power of shapes to make more effective art studies by dissecting what you see and making it more succinct into your own drawings.

How to make Blurry, muddy drawings more interesting

Go from very blended drawings that are trying to be complex to a more interesting drawing where you know what you’re actually doing without having to guess too much. You don’t have to blend everything and have murky or very similar muted colors just to make something look good.

Tips for Beginning A Portfolio

Do you want to start a portfolio but don’t know how to start and what you should do? I’m giving some of the knowledge I’ve learned and some of the advice I’ve received from artists much more experienced than me, and I’m imparting a fraction of it to you all!


I opened up a Patreon!

I just opened my Patreon recently! That might sound a bit weird, you might even think “why should I care?”. That’s a fair question and it’s alright to be curious, I don’t mind. Well, it’s pretty self-explanatory: Support me and you’ll get to see rich art related content (drawings, videos, music, and parts of any …

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Website Redesigned!

I think I should explain what’s going on and why my website looks so different — that is, if you even knew my website looked different. Previously, my personal site had gone through 2 different versions since mid-2018. The first version was a WordPress site with my first attempts at a personal blog, which didn’t …

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