I opened up a Patreon!

Patreon helps creators keep going!

I just opened my Patreon recently!

That might sound a bit weird, you might even think “why should I care?”. That’s a fair question and it’s alright to be curious, I don’t mind.

Well, it’s pretty self-explanatory: Support me and you’ll get to see rich art related content (drawings, videos, music, and parts of any project I make) before everyone else – not only that, but things that the public WONT see outside of Patreon and future bundled content for sale, along with even more in-depth explanations about why I do the things I do, how I’m learning along the way, and the inner machinations of creating. Basically, if you want to learn how to do art, want to improve in your creative pursuits (not just drawing), like the kinds of content I make, or are just plain curious and invested in the idea of helping out an artist — then this is an opportunity to get some significant material to satiate those needs starting as low as a U.S. dollar.

Okay, okay, maybe you’ve heard a bunch of Patreon ads and self-promotions lately and you’re getting kind of tired of it all, I get it. It’s not as bad as it seems, trust me, it’s just an additional option for me to be able to push out more stuff to help others with less issues stopping me and keep making the things I do so that others (and myself) can all enoy and benefit from this mutual trust and learning, with some added bonuses for those that help me achieve that. While Patreon is going to be a very important part in my workflow and being supported, I will still create things for free and help others with art related content. Actually, if anything, Patreon would help me provide more for free along with the paid services and content! So if you like my work, ways you can show that are to: become a patron, use my freebies, recommend my stuff to others / spread the word, and share my stuff from my social media. In other words, even though I’m opening up my Patreon, even if you don’t become a patron or commission me – if you spread the word and recommend me, it’ll end up benefiting you. After all, that would mean having MORE people to give free and paid stuff to, giving more reason to make a higher effort so more people can enjoy the things I do! Even subscribing to my newsletter helps, I’ll be telling you tips and tricks along with when I release videos and new freebies!

On my Patreon page, there will be 3 tiers for now – $1 tier, $5 tier, and $25 tier. With the one dollar tier, it’s the most bang for your buck, but it’s entry level. You get to see Works In Progres, doodles, and finished pieces before everyone else! Not only that. you get extra goodies like wallpapers, mini tutorials, journal entries about my process and improvement, and credit where credit is due in my videos from then on!

The $5 tier is where you get most of the “in-depth” content, I really recommend that for the people interested in my art and seeing details on what I’m making and more input on what I decide to do! While you get to see finished videos before the publioc does, you also get to see what they won’t at any point like videos in progress, Hi-res art better than what’s posted on social media, line-art you can color, and special polls. Do you want me to do one kind of video first or make a tutorial on one thing? My ears and eyes are fully attentive to what you have to say.

The $25 tier seems like a big jump in price, but it’s because this is for those that plan to stick around and dig in deeper. While on that tier, it’s pretty cost effective in the long run if you want to commission me — there’s a 33% discount for commissions and products! You even get the raw files for the content I make on the regular that month, a personalized doodle at no extra cost, more in-depth explanations on how i made certain pieces, and access to private live-streams when they become available. In other words, this is the kind of attention and breakdown of what I do that would normally not be available — all for $25, truly the cost is kind of low, don’t you think? Well, it’s a “thank you” for supporting me this way after all.

If you have anything to spare, you can get something amazing, and I encourage you to communicate and message me even if you don’t or can’t bless me with a crisp dollar bill!

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