portraiture practice

Portrait Practice

This was a part of a “One Week Portrait Challenge” where we were supposed to take our time and break down portraiture to it’s basic steps and simplify them into separate parts of the process, this was to concentrate on one issue at a time and not go head on and fast like I usually felt the compulsion to do. The result was something that, in my opinion, was a more polished piece than usual while making it much easier to make it, compartmentalizing each step (shapes+sketch, color blocks, color refinement, style) in a way that I can concentrate on one thing at a time with a lot more thought and preparation. This did take away part of the spontaneity and editing that is usually a part of my pieces, but that’s not inherently a bad thing.

portraiture practice

As you can see, the steps taken in this piece was… kind of neat with little overlap and editing, just a bit of facial proportions changes early on.

Here is the original reference image:

reference image

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