sakura parvati

Sakura Parvati

This is a fan art (inspired) piece.

The concept was: If vessels from FGO (Fate Grand Order), a mobile game, changed appearances more according to their host and Parvati embodied more of her duality with Re-incarnation + Dusk & Dawn (symbols of fertility, beauty, and love). It was a character design exercise illustration.

The sketch and first colors (the first 2 drawings in the process) were done on Medibang Paint on mobile, then transferred onto PC to finish the rest of the process.
The face was changed drastically from anime-esque to semi-realism, and so were the clothes and pose.
All was done to achieve my idea of symbols based on what I read while researching symbolism, religion, and art history.

White henna on her feet, red dye on her hands, and clothing that’s a cross between Bollywood and every day life ended up becoming a part of the drawing.

Subtle symbols of fertility (almond-shaped), repetitive circles (wholeness), flowing water (“the flow”), gold (pretty obvious connotations of richness), and lotus (common in Hindu iconography).
As far as my understanding, the vessel is not directly Parvati so it doesn’t have the same rules and limitations as direct religious iconography.

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