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If you’re interested or have something to tell me, here’s my info and contact form.

What do I offer?
Anywhere from illustration commissions, rewards for donating to charities, brushes, giveaways, reviews, and tutorials — There’s different things I provide and encourage you all to be a part of and get.

If there’s anything else you’re interested in seeing, you can also contact me to tell me, I’d be glad to talk and get any input!
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At the moment, I provide commissions services for illustration/visual arts, with different prices for level of complexity. Whether it’s book covers, banner images, icons, presentation images, or character depictions; it’s all on the table as an option. Getting accurate prices as of now would require getting a quote on my contact page (what I recommend). More illustration examples can be seen in my portfolio.

I have an alliance with Pencils In the Margins, too.


Depending on the level of complexity, the price scale varies hugely. With exception of donation rewards (where I don't receive the money), the lowest cost for a commission would be $100 or so, and more. On some instances, I add options for more affordable options like simple icons and sketches, the prices of which are set when I "open" my Commissions or have a special event. You'd have to contact me telling me what you have in mind and then get a quote and contact me. The prices are subject to change in the future with accordance to my improvement and product's "worth".

Anywhere from finishing in the same day to taking a couple weeks, the time is entirely dependent on the level of complexity of the commission and any possible complications there might be. Everything and anything would be communicated during the commissioning process so you would be aware of it all as a customer. You can ask me how much I estimate it would take, assuming no major revisions.

Paypal Invoice. Which accepts credit and debit cards, along with paypal funds.

Before starting the commission, I must receive half of the total payment upfront, and when I finish after keeping the client updated, the client must pay the last half of the payment before receiving the HD image files.

Through any of the contact details listed in my contact page or my social media. There is the additional option to receive a backup of the finished product through email if the file size is small enough, though usually I send it in a temporary Google folder.

In most cases, like the client deciding they don't need the product after it was already made or my service already started, no. Only in the following circumstances would I refund: A) (Unlikely) I somehow over-estimated my schedule availability or circumstance and can't finish or start the commission, there'd be a full refund and partial refund respectively. B) The client realizes they don't want to commission anymore before there is work or research put into the commission.

Do keep in mind that because I currently use Paypal, they charge a transaction fee and no longer return it after a refund is requested so it would be best to make sure you WANT to commission before anything so there aren't any issues.

The payment is half up front and half at the end, but the first half is for the service provided in the commission so as long as the service was provided well enough, there should be no refund, but the other payment can be cancelled if you don't want the file and it wasn't finished yet.

If I find the product solicitation to be distasteful or if for whatever reason I am incapable of working on it, then I am likely to reject it. I am human.

You have a license to use it, reproduce it, and edit it (with the specifics being something we can discuss on a case-by-case basis) as long as you do not claim to have created it yourself. Credit is appreciated.


I cannot heap the praise Magz deserves in [here] but I’ll try! They were such great communicators and constantly checked in to see if I was pleased with the work. They even sent me progress updates which I loved because I got to see some of the process and thought behind how they created their art. Not only that but just in general they made me feel like I was asking a friend for art and made me so happy and comfortable through the entire process. I seriously cannot recommend them enough for art and commissions. Their art style is out of this world and they themselves are amazing. Plus it’s all for a good cause! With a better laptop Magz could create even more! Plus, they offer tutoring in art and just looking around at their social pages and such, you really get the sense that they want to help others be the best artist/creative mind they can be!

Thank you so so much again for this commission! I honestly cried a little seeing them both after years of not being able to put a face to my OCs. Thank you so much Magz!!!!!!!!

John Doe


5 star review. I was very satisfied with the commission because it was discussed in a timely manner and I really liked being able to see the progress and the communication was clear, also the process was transparent.


"@apollo_aquariums on instagram, a shrimp breeder and carer"

This [commission] is by magz and well like, I love it, it kind of exceeded expectations to be honest. I needed a logo for this brand and I was really really worried I was gonna have to settle for a clean look but I got something cool and janky and wonky, and it's dope. For reference, This character is named Professor Television, a somewhat pretentiousness cine-phile who truly, truly does talk too much. But anyways, I'm definitely gonna ask for more commissions from Magz if I can expect this kind of quality.

Jordan X

"Author of a story project currently under the works"

When I purchased a commission from you, it was actually one of the first times I had ever done so. I was really hesitant since I didn't know how the process worked, and wasn't sure how my character would look since I had never seen them drawn before! When I was sent the progress pics, I was amazed. Seriously. All I had was a small list dictating what my Original Character looked like, and somehow they were there - just as I imagined. I later used that 'sketch' as a reference for future commissions! 🙂


"@shadowAmaine on twitter"

Magz delivers so well and goes the extra mile, I commissioned him for a header and he did amazing on it, his art style is incredible and I always recommend him for commissions mainly cause he knows what he's doing and he's trustworthy. We were complete strangers when I commissioned too, so I just took a chance and he really did Alla Dat for me.

Izaya Yuzuki

"social media enthusiast"

Special Events

Previous Special Event:

This section is for posteriority and is for events that have either become outdated or you can’t enter/participate in anymore.

August 2018 Art Giveaway

Winners announcement video

i. How To Enter
The way to enter the giveaway is by signing up and opting in for the newsletter and giveaway options on, like you can do to download the free bonus content, within the entry period period until August 30th 2018 11:59pm UTC-4.


ii. Privacy and Opting Out of the Giveaway
Only a name, an email address, and choosing the option to enter the giveaway on the newsletter form inside the valid entry period is necessary to enter the giveaway. No entry fee or purchase is necessary.

If you win and don’t opt out before the public announcement, then you are giving permission to publicize your name to announce you winning in the case that you do, giving permission to post your illustration prize after it is finished, and are choosing to follow the rules of this giveaway. If you are uncomfortable with this, then you can opt out or not choose the option to enter the giveaway. You can opt out of the giveaway if you get chosen or before the giveaway ends by contacting me, cristaldotgema, at my email at [email protected] and if you do, then it is giving another eligible candidate the chance to win your spot.


iii. Contest Details
You are automatically included in as an eligible candidate for The August 2018 Free Art Giveaway as long as you abide by the rules and form of entry. 4 people will get randomly chosen as winners from the list of eligible candidates by random number list generator software.

The winners will be announced on or around September 3rd or 7th, 2018 on, @cristaldotgema on twitter and youtube. The winners will be messaged by email provided by the eligible candidate when signing up for the newsletter, and this will be before the public announcement. If there is no response or they cannot be contacted within 30 days, after the giveaway’s entry closing date, then the winner loses their reward and the prize will be given to another eligible candidate.


iv. Contest Entry
An entry is defined by submitting an email in the newsletter form(s), if you submit the same email to have access to free content, it is still one entry and within the bounds of the rules. It is not allowed to make multiple entries by giving different emails, one person is only allowed one entry, Otherwise will be considered as spam and ineligible for the giveaway. If you request an illustration that I consider vile or discriminatory (including but not limited to racism, sexism, transphobic, homophobic, islamophobic, anti-semitic, etc) and do not choose another subject as illustration, then you are disqualified and your place will be given to someone else. Be considerate, especially during the giveaway.


v. Prize
2 of the winners will get one (1) digital illustration piece each for free, and 2 others will get one (1) digital illustration piece each at a 50% discount of the base price. For the 2 winners that will have a 50% discount, payment will be received in a paypal business account; so paypal cash, (visa/master) debit or credit, can be accepted. Illustration piece has to be within what I, Magnolia Candy Manzanilla (cristaldotgema), will accept as a subject and could do realistically, details of which will be detailed in Illustration section.


vi. Contact
A reliable way of contacting the winner afterwards is necessary, either by Direct Messaging in social media (facebook, tumblr, twitter, instagram) or email. Providing the information of when the illiustration prize can and will be started on, assuming it is compliant with the subjects of illustration; The winner deciding what subject the illustration will be and providing the reference image(s), and my giving the finished product to the winner requires a reliable form of contact.

I reserve the right to cancel the giveaway if something goes wrong that would heavily influence the event that would make it dangerous or impossible to continue the event.


vii. Illustration Details and License

Illustration Prize will be:
1 (one) illustration piece that can be in the format of (an provided as) 1)a banner image 2)an icon 3)the original full-piece. Dimensions and DPI as large as 4000 by 4000 pixels with 350dpi. Illustration can have as much as a decently detailed foreground, background, and (up to) 3 central characters (excluding possible implied background characters). Check Portfolio Page for a good idea of what can be allowed as an illustration. Subjects that won’t be accepted for moral reasons are that of pedophilia, incest, racism, xenophobia, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, islamophobia, anti-semitism, genocide, rape, etc. In the sense of supporting or normalizing such causes. I would suggest to not request subjects such as complex machinery or mecha, 3 point perspective, or anything of the sort as it would not be an effective use of the Free Art Giveaway as I do not yet specialize in these depictions enough. The illustration will have a limit of 2 revamping states, or reworking the illustration heavily after suggestion, for the sake of time and practicality.

What will be given in the giveaway to the winner is a license to use the illustration for their own purposes as long as it isn’t for vile, inappropriate, or discriminatory purposes. I will still have been the creator and legal owner of the illustration, but will give a license to use it to the winner as “Licensed Content” without need of additional purchase to use it, thus “free” for the winner’s use and to republish in it’s original form, and ability to edit it with prior permission of me, the creator, to prevent use of illustration against my wishes that could damage my work or reputation. Crediting me for the illustration would be necessary when re-publishing


viii. Reserved Right

I reserve the right to cancel the giveaway if something goes wrong that would heavily influence the event that would make it dangerous or impossible to continue the event.


Bonus freebies you can get, so far 2 products are available for illustrative purposes.

They are available for free at the shop page, add them to the cart, take it to checkout, and download them.

paint tool sai 2 tips ebook

Paint Tool Sai 2 Tips E-book

Companion piece to the Ultimate Paint Tool Sai 2 Tutorial video, “Paint Tool Sai 2 Tips” is a reference for the things you can do and gives ideas for what flourishes you can make on Paint Tool Sai 2 using it’s features. Only PDF version available.

sai 2 brushes preview

Paint Tool Sai 2 Custom Brushes

A starter pack of 10 (+2 new ones in new version) texture brushes and 2 (+2 new ones in new version) pen brushes for Paint Tool Sai 2 that I personally made.