Website Redesigned!

I think I should explain what’s going on and why my website looks so different — that is, if you even knew my website looked different.

Previously, my personal site had gone through 2 different versions since mid-2018. The first version was a WordPress site with my first attempts at a personal blog, which didn’t go so well and was very dependent on buggy plug-ins. After that, was the static site I coded myself that ditched the idea of a blog and focused moreso on the portfolio aspect. That version’s code can be seen on my GitHub, Both versions of the site taught me something about having a public personal site and that a website like that sometimes needs to grow with me and my needs.

It is with that idea that I revamped the website once again, and went back to a dynamic CMS (Content Management System) as I want to integrate a blog once more and have the website update a lot more easily with any news I want to convey through my website itself and not just be dependent on social media and other sites to do that. I went back to WordPress and I have taken a deeper dive into learning to manage it, learning from my previous mistakes and improving it.

As of now, my intentions with this site is for it to do multiple things at once. I’ll try to announce new YouTube videos, write tutorials, reviews, and the like through this blog.

Of course, the site will still function as a portfolio as well, it’ll also have a contact form integrated so anyone can message me to make the process a lot easier. The homepage will show any relevant information and present my online presence a lot better, considering that just putting little icons below my alias name doesn’t really help in showing what I do or anything really. The point of all this, is to squeeze out as much potential for my own website as I can and not have it just sit there with little reason to exist as it has for too long.

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